DEFEWAY 4ch Video Security System with 4Channel 1080N DVR, 4 Weatherproof 720P HD Cameras, Indoor & Outdoor, 100ft Night Vision, Motion Detection, NO HDD

DEFEWAY has launched an advanced security system which is highly helpful for indoor and outdoor purposes. This is an impressive 4 channel camera package for proprietors and businesses. This product comes with several features. Its 720P HD quality gives a sharp and crisp visual during the day or night. The camera has an automatic IR- cut filter.

The DEFEWAY  4 channel video security system possesses an Intelligent Motion Detection, which senses any movement and records it. This allows the product to save more on the hard drive. One of the best features of this product is that it has 100ft night vision, which makes it extremely versatile.


The item model number is US-D114L-4Xc102l1. The product is 6.8*11.5*14.3 inches and has a weight of 8.3 pounds.  It has a remote access for seeing live and recorded video from the customer’s security cameras on their tablet, PC or smartphone. The camera’s night time vision is up to 130ft. One Lithium ion battery is essential. No HDD is present.

DEFEWAY 4 channel Video Security System is associated with an application named N_EYE mobile app, which can be connected with the security cameras to view the recorded videos.

N_EYE can easily be used in 3 steps:

  • You just need to Download the free app
  • Scan the DVR ‘s QR code
  • Start watching the cameras from anywhere

This classic product consists of First-class IR LED night vision technology and an integrated automatic Infrared Cut Filter (ICR). This can evidently detect things up to 130ft (40m) away in regular nighttime conditions and up to 90ft (27m) away in full dimness.

The video quality is amazing and it has a big hard drive so you store your footage.


Homeowners who are very attentive and cautious don’t have time to analyze hours of security footage. So, this security system comes packed with advanced features to help record video smarter.  It has reliable security protection all the time, especially during the night.

The adaptable wall mounting options allow you to connect the cameras wherever you think its preferable, outdoor or indoor.

People can easily set up the application on their PC or smartphone and can access the security cameras from wherever in the world you are.

The cameras have a weatherproof quality, which can not only bear heavy rainfalls, but efficiently prevents the camera from corrosion and dirt.

The cameras are able to record even in extreme temperatures as low as -22°F (-30°C) or as high as 140°F(60°C) which make it the perfect companion to anyone living in high heat or low temps.

The price of the system is amazing since the quality and functioning of the camera is great.


The DEFEWAY 4CH video security system is a great buy at $94.99! For someone who is always monitoring their home, this will help them monitor smarter! Hurry, before it runs out of stock!