Conbrov® WF28 HD Wireless Home Wifi Ip Hidden Video Camera Security Nanny Cam with Super Night Vision and Motion Activated Detector Indoor Surveillance Use

Many people have started using Nanny cams to avoid any threats to the safety of their loved ones. Nanny cams are a way that parents can keep track of what is happening in their homes with their children when they are away.

It can be worrisome to leave your child with someone you don’t know very well. Nanny cams help by showing parents what is going on inside the house. So, Conbrov has introduced a wireless Home WiFi Hidden camera WF28, which has remarkable features to avoid all kinds of worries.


The product is 5.4 x 4.3 x 2.9 inches and weighs only 7.2 ounces.  It has accurate motion detection, a recording distance of up to 24 feet, and a large camera angle up to 75 degrees.

Its camera has 23pcs infrared visible red led which helps its night vision distance stretch up to 24 feet. The night mode turns on automatically when it detects low lighting. To connect the camera with your home router for remote streaming, the Mini Wifi Cam app is used. The product supports HD resolution up to 720P.  This helps video to be recorded in crystal clear high resolution. There is even a choice in app to change the camera resolution for faster video streams.

This device has multiple options to make you aware of any trespassing on your property. You can choose to receive push notifications via the app on your phone.


First and foremost, the advantage of this camera is that it is very easy to set up. Now as the name suggests, the camera component looks the part as being camouflaged as a PIR sensor. It becomes difficult to recognize the device as camera. It looks professional and is virtually unnoticeable on the wall.
The product also has one more upgraded safety measure where you can set alarm and email settings to get push notifications on your smart phone when there’s any motion detected.

You can observe and hear what is going on anytime and anywhere, rapidly and easily. This ensures no matter how far you go, you can still check in on your home or business.

The app also helps you to set up the camera for an easy install process.

This nanny cam does not let you miss a single recording! You can take photos with the nanny camera and store them for you to view later.


This product is $79.99! With all of the features it comes with in terms of size, application, cost and features, you are sure to find this one has the features you want and need to keep your loved ones safe.